Introduction to LISA

Biology is a rapidly expanding research area. Numerous completed genome sequencing projects provide the foundation for new insights in biological processes. Functional and structural genomics projects have recently been initiated to further enhance our understanding.

These research projects generate large quantities of very diverse data. Storing and analyzing this information is a problem facing every modern research group.

We have developed a laboratory information system -LISA- that stores and manages data produced by our structural biology research. The web-based system can be easily accessed from any networked computer in the lab. The high degree of build-in flexibility and the free distribution of the source code allows other biological research groups to adjusted the system to their needs.

Features of LISA:

  • fast and easy to use
  • accessable from any lab computer
  • central data storage
  • handling of diverse data files
  • customizable and extendable


  • LISA software
  • PHP4 capable WWW server
  • MySQL database server