Download and installation of LISA

LISA consists of 3 components and there are some differences in the installation procedure depending on your operating system (Unix or Windows).

The easiest way to get LISA up and running is to download the latest Windows version, which contains all required components (Please install the software in the default directory and read the README/INSTALL file!).

To install LISA on a Unix/Linux system you will have to download all 3 components separately:

  • LISA software - the PHP scripts and database files
  • Apache WWW Server - a web server that can handle PHP4
  • MySQL Database Server - the MySQL database system

    The Windows version of LISA now includes Apache, PHP4 and MySQL (Thats why the windows package is so much larger 11Mb).

  • Download the LISA software - Choose between a tar file for Unix/Linux lisa-0.9.tgz (800kb) or a Windows version lisa_0.91_win.exe (11Mb).

    Follow the steps below to get LISA up and running. Most Linux/Unix distributions will include Apache with PHP4 support and MySQL. It is possible that they are already installed on your system. If you have to install MySQL and Apache separately please refer to the installation instructions that are provided with those software packages.

    Unpack the files and read the latest installation instructions, which are part of the LISA software. More information will be available at the LISA support page. Email me for further help.

    In our lab LISA runs happily on a Linux PC. We use a SuSE Linux distribution (6.4) that provides binaries for an Apache Web Server with PHP module and MySQL database software. LISA has also been successfully installed on Win95/98 and Win2000.